15. Garage Sales and Thrift Stores


One of the favorite activities for some people in the United States is to visit a thrift store or find a garage sale. Thrift stores usually offer second-hand or used clothing and goods for sale at a greatly reduced price. These stores can be found in nearly every community in the country. Some people visit thrift stores out of necessity, because of the low prices, but others like to shop at thrift stores because of the hidden gems sometimes found there. Thrift stores depend on donations from private citizens to stock their stores. Many times a person will donate a piece of clothing, or an article from their home without realizing its real value. This is where some eagle-eyed thrift shop patrons pick up their hidden prizes.

Garage sales work much the same as thrift shops do, but they are not usually in a fixed location. Many people hold garage sales in their private garages. These sales take place for several reasons. One is that people need to get their hands on a little extra cash, but a more important reason is that people have bulging houses. Their homes are too small to accommodate all their goods. A garage sale consists of items the owners no longer want or need. They want to rid themselves of unused or unwanted items, and pick up a few bucks in the process.

Most cities require homeowners who are planning to host a garage sale to purchase a special permit. These permits make it legal to sell their goods for one day, or sometimes an entire weekend. The cost of the permit is nominal. It can cost as little as $5 to $10 to acquire a garage sale permit, and it might be well worth the expense.

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