18. Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteering your time for a specific cause or reason can be a fun experience. There are countless volunteer opportunities available in nearly every city in the country. In Los Angeles, there are many opportunities for those who are interested in volunteering their time. L.A. is a big place whose residents have lots of reasons to volunteer. One way to help take care of the city, its people, animals, trees, and beaches is to give back by volunteering. It not only exposes the volunteer to new places, people, and events, but also helps those who may be less fortunate.

Some people volunteer to work with the homeless in L.A. The homeless population in Los Angeles has grown in recent years, making volunteeringto help them more important than ever. One of the ways to help is to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Most of these shelters are in the downtown area. You can help by working in the kitchen, or distributing food and other goods to those in need. It is very satisfying work and can be enjoyable, too. One other popular volunteer opportunity is to work with animals. Most local animal shelters welcome volunteers to work with animals, and you don't have to be an expert to do this.

You can also work for the elderly or disabled people. Many of these people do not have access to transportation, or have limited mobility. You can help by delivering meals to their doorsteps, or by taking them on an outing to their local market, or restaurant so that they can get a hot meal. Other volunteer opportunities exist in academics. Many students cannot afford to pay a private tutor to help them with their classes. There are organizations that can help. You can help too by volunteering as a tutor. These are just some of the opportunities available. To find more, google "volunteer opportunities" followed by the city you want to volunteer in.

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