2. Drive on the Right Side of the Street

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Unlike many countries in the world, the United States traffic flows on the right-hand side of the road. This may cause some confusion for persons who come from a country that drives on the left. The tradition of driving on the right goes back to before the advent of the automobile. The first law enacted to require people to drive on the right was passed in the city of Philadelphia in 1792. Cities throughout the country soon followed, and the tradition became common.

In addition to driving on the right, most Americans use various lights installed into vehicles to signal other drivers of their intentions. The most used lights on a car are the headlights, high beams, turn signals, emergency flashers, and backup lights. Headlights and high beams are used in night driving. It is illegal to drive with high beams constantly on because they can blind drivers driving in the opposite direction, but headlights are required at all times after dark. Turn signals let other drivers know you are about to make a turn to either the right or the left. These signals should be used every time a vehicle is about to make a turn.

Emergency flashers are continuously blinking yellow lights that drivers use when their vehicle is disabled, or they are experiencing an emergency. Backup lights are white lights that come on whenever the car's transmission is put into the reverse mode. These lights help the driver see what's behind them when backing up. All of these signal lights are important for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. By using these tools properly, a driver can make driving for all people a safe and enjoyable experience.

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