5. Being Pulled Over by Police


Most large cities in the United States have their own police departments, and part of these departments' duties is traffic control. Whenever a person is driving through any city, it is a good idea to obey all the traffic laws. Some of the basic laws, like stopping at red lights, speeding, and making U-turns, are similar in most cities, but that is not always the case. Sometimes what is legal in one city might be illegal in another. It is wise to check the traffic laws in cities where drivers work and live.

Whenever drivers are stopped or "pulled over" by a policeman, it is important to move the vehicle into the nearest, safe area near a curb. Drivers will know they are being pulled over by the flashing red and blue lights atop of the police car. This is a signal that the police want you to stop. The reasons police pull cars over are many. It could be that the driver was going too fast, or that he or she failed to stop at a traffic light or stop sign. It could also be because one of the car's lights is out, or the vehicle registration is expired. These are just some of the reasons police pull drivers over.

There are certain things drivers need to do whenever they are faced with this situation. The first thing a driver should do is to comply with any instructions the police officer may be giving them over the speaker. If no instructions are given, pull to the nearest safe spot and wait in the driver's seat until the officer comes to the door. Always be polite and give the officer your driver's license, proof of insurance, and current registration. Remember, you should always be respectful.

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