1. The Educational System in the USA

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In the United States of America, a complex educational system exists. It is designed to provide academic skills to its residents. People living in the U.S. can begin their education as early as the age of three, and continue their academic careers well into adulthood. How long someone goes to school varies greatly from individual to individual. It all depends on what individuals want from the educational system and life in general. Some people are satisfied with achieving a high school diploma, while others strive for higher education.

By the time children reach the age of three, parents will often enroll them into preschool. Some schools offer classes for children who are as young as two, but three is usually the youngest age children begin their education. After preschool comes kindergarten to 6th grade in the public school system. The 6th grade is the last year of elementary school. Once a child has completed elementary school, he or she will be enrolled into high school, which is from Grade 9 through 12. When students reach the 12th grade, they have completed their required education. Beyond the 12th grade, furthering your education is optional.

At college level in California, the state offers three options to continue your academic career. They are the Community College system, the California State University system, and the University of California system. Each system is unique. Where a student enrolls depends on the student and what that student's goals are. These are the choices students have for their education. However, there is another choice available, which is a private school. Private schools operate much like public schools with some differences. It is important to look into all your options to see what the best options for you are.

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