5. How to Perform First Aid


One of the best skills a person can learn is how to perform first aid. First Aid is the practice of giving emergency care to someone who has suffered any injury and is in need of help. There are many ways to administer first aid to an injured person, but the steps you take are determined by the type of injury. There are, however, some basic steps to take.

The first thing you should do is to take a look at your surroundings to see if it is safe to approach the injured person. If the person is alert, ask a few basic questions that will help you determine what to do next. Some questions you can ask are: How were you injured? Do you have any pain? If so, where? What did you eat last? Is there anything about your medical history that can help? These simple questions can help you assess the person's condition before you get started.

The next thing a first aid administrator should do is ask for permission from the injured person to perform first aid. It would also be wise to tell them exactly what you are going to do before you do it. If the person is unconscious, try to proceed to the best of your ability. A first aid kit would help and if there is anyone else around you, it would be good to ask for help. Call 911 and try to calm the person down by reassuring him or her that help is on the way. Unless you have medical training, these are the best steps to take in an emergency situation. These small steps can mean the difference between someone's life or death. Your family and friends will all appreciate the first aid you have performed.

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