7. What to Do in an Auto Accident


Driving a car is a great experience. It is an expression of freedom. There is nothing like taking a casual drive on a warm, sunny day up a coastal highway, or a mountain pass. The scenery, fresh air, and new surroundings will please you greatly. Unfortunately, you must always be on the alert for other drivers. Some drivers may not be as cautious as you, and that is why you must always be alert. Even the best drivers get into accidents, and sometimes they can be at fault, too. No one is perfect, and mistakes can happen.

Once an accident has happened, it is important to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Insurance claims are investigated by the insurance company, which means the circumstances surrounding the accident are carefully examined. Usually, when an accident occurs, the local police department will arrive at the scene and write a report. This report is a very important document that your insurance company is sure to request after you place a claim. The report will describe in detail what the police officer has determined has happened to cause the accident. Who caused the accident is very important to insurance companies because whoever is at fault will be the one who pays for the damages caused by the accident.

So if someone drives through a stop sign and hits you, the accident is that person's fault and his or her insurance must pay for your damages. If it is you who goes through the stop sign, then it is your fault, and your insurance must pay. If the accident is not your fault, a police report will support your claim that the accident is not your fault. Most claims can be filed online today, but it may be a good idea to go to your insurance carrier's office to file in person. That way there is no confusion.

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