3. Looking for a Job That You Like


There are many opportunities for work here in the United States. Many jobs exist in both private industry and government for the right candidates. Finding a job could be frustrating at times, but with the right attitude and persistence, a good job could be in your future. The best way to find a job is through the Internet. There are many job-seeking websites such as monster.com, jobs.com, indeed.com, careerbuilders.com, and simplyhired.com, to name a few. Using these sites to search for employment is a convenient way to find work, but it is not the only way available.

More traditional methods for finding work are through newspapers, trade publications, schools, word-of-mouth, and the Employment Development Department (EDD). The EDD is a job service organization run by the state of California. Job seekers can visit any of its WorkSource Centers and register for work. Job seekers can find a WorkSource Center by visiting the EDD website. Newspaper publications also publish open positions in the classified ads section. This is how the majority of jobs were advertised before the advent of the Internet, and jobs are still listed there. Most colleges have their own job service offices for students. Lastly, word-of-mouth advertising, which is simply hearing about an open position from a friend, colleague, or family member.

Another effective way of finding employment is to network. Networking is the practice of going to conventions, trade shows, and conferences, where you get to know people working in your field. It's a good idea to invest in personal business cards to hand out at these events, which is a quick and efficient way to meet people and share your contact information. The more you put yourself out there, the better your chances of finding a good job.

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