5. Employee Benefits

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A good-paying job is nice to have, but to some people having a good benefits package is just as important, if not more important. Some of the typical benefits packages employers offer today are retirement accounts, medical and dental insurance, paid sick time off, vacation, and employee discounts on goods and services. Many employers, for instance, will pay medical insurance for employees, but not for their families. However, there are some companies that do include families at either no cost or low cost. This is especially attractive to some prospective employees with families as the cost of medical care is high in the United States.

Many companies will help their employees plan for retirement with a 401k account. This retirement plan is available to employees who choose to take advantage of it. It usually involves a monthly contribution from the employee that is taken in the form of a payroll deduction. Some companies will match all or part of its employees' contributions. It's an attractive and sensible benefit.

Dental insurance is also important to some employees. Dental care, like medical care, can be costly for those with no insurance. Fortunately, many companies offer this benefit. Like medical insurance, workers with families can benefit most from this insurance. Another important benefit most companies offer is paid sick time off work. No employee is immune to getting sick from time to time. It is good to know that when an employee is sick, he or she can take the necessary time off to heal.

Vacation time is also important to many employees as well as having discounts for goods and services provided by the company. In all, having a good benefits package can be even more important than having a high-paying job only.

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