3. Reasons Not to Smoke

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Cigarette smoking used to be very fashionable in the United States. It was considered a sophisticated habit that many of the nation's elite members engaged in, which was later copied by the general populace of the country. Younger people who smoked were the "cool" kids. Many young people, who wanted to fit into the group, started to smoke at an early age only to discover that the habit caused quite a bit of harm to them.

There was a time when cigarette advertisements were everywhere. It was legal to run commercial ads on television, radio, billboards, and bus benches, but all that changed sometime in the 1970s. Today, tobacco companies are limited in how and where they can advertise their deadly products. Generally speaking, smoking has fallen out of favor with most Americans because of the consequences associated with the habit.

Cigarette smoking is the leading, preventable cause of death in the U.S. today. Its effects on the human body are many, and can be devastating. More than 480,000 Americans die from the negative effects of cigarette smoking each year. Cigarette smoking can lead to cancer, stroke, lung disease, and the overall health deterioration of the smoker. Smoking can make it more difficult for women to become pregnant, and smoking while pregnant not only affects the mother, it also has a negative effect on the unborn fetus. It can also lead to premature birth, low birth weight in newborns, and even stillborn babies. In men, cigarette smoking can reduce sperm count making it more difficult to father a child. When a smoker smokes in public, he or she is also fouling the air, and affecting those who do not smoke. It also makes people's clothes and breath smell. In all, it is a very bad habit.

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