3. It's Time to Buy a House

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Buying a home may be the single most important decision a person can make. It involves several things that a prospective homeowner must know before he or she begins a search for a home. Many newcomers to the United States do not immediately purchase a home simply because of the cost involved. Most people rent a home or apartment first, and this is not a bad way to go about finding your first place to live. Renting is generally cheaper than buying a home, and the lower monthly payment may allow the renter to save a few dollars each month until he or she can afford a home.

Finding a good real estate agent is essential to finding a good home. Realtors are paid professionals whose business is to know about home buying. One thing that must be taken into consideration is how much a person can afford. In the United States, home prices vary greatly. This variance is usually based on location and size of the home. For instance, a three bedroom house that sits on a quarter lot of land will cost much less in places like Victorville, California, than the very same home in Monterey Park, California. Other things that may affect the price of a home is the condition the house is in, the age of the home, and the quality of the schools in the area.

Many first-time buyers look for low-cost homes, sometimes called "fixer uppers" so that they can purchase a home and make improvements on it as time goes by. The longer you own your home, the more its value will rise. Once you own a home for a while, you could either borrow money on it, or sell it for a larger place, or in a more desirable area. It is better to start now than later in purchasing your first home.

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