6. The Haunted Warehouse

When William worked in Santa Fe Springs, California, in the 90s, he told me he thought building he worked at was haunted. "It really ," said William. "I have had more than a incidents happen to me while I was working , late at night," he continued. William was working a manager for a very busy chemical distribution at the time. In order to keep up his work, he sometimes had to work at , or go in on weekends to catch up his paperwork.

William was a sensible man. He not the type of person that would fly the handle in troubling situations. He was always calm, and composed. This is what made his believable. I knew he wasn't the type to things up.

One night, William went to work dark and thought nothing of it. His former had told him that he might hear some noises coming from the warehouse, but it was the 55-gallon drums expanding and contracting. During the of the day, the drums would expand, and night, when it cooled off, the drums would , sometimes making a sound. William was not worried.

night he was sitting at his desk when heard what sounded like someone knocking on the leading to the warehouse. William dismissed it as drum "popping," and ignored it. A few moments , the sound was back, and this time it louder. Since there was no one else in building, he became a bit nervous, but continued . Soon the noises got louder and louder. The straw was when he heard someone walking above ceiling of his office. This scared him quite bit, but again he ignored it. Finally, it again, and this time William ran into the to look above his office, but no one there. After that, William never worked at night .