7. Moving to Arizona

Jerry was seventeen when his family decided to out their apartment in the city of Riverdale. had lived there for nearly ten years. In ten years, Jerry had made dozens of friends around the city. He didn't understand why they to move. Jerry wished he could stay behind his family left to Arizona. He knew things 't ever going to be the same if he Riverdale, California.

"Why do we have to move?" would ask, sounding depressed. His parents had answered question countless times already. Despite knowing the answer, was reluctant to believe it, so he kept . "Why do we have to move?" Jerry asked after time. The simple truth was that Jerry his family just could not afford to live Riverdale any longer. It was hard for Jerry accept that truth.

On the day before the , Jerry walked around the familiar places in Riverdale. walked passing the oak tree where he first a girl. He walked past the corner mini-market he would bring back milk every Sunday. He by his high school where he had learned discovered his love of math and science.

Jerry on the doors of friends' houses to say final goodbye. "Good bye, Tom," Jerry told his friend. "Goodbye Jane," Jerry told his girlfriend. The fell when Jerry finally finished bidding his farewells everybody he knew. "Goodbye, Riverdale," Jerry said, looking his bedroom window as he went to sleep. night, Jerry dreamed of moving to Arizona and friends on the first day there. Everything in seemed great in his dream. The following morning he awoke, Jerry no longer felt so bad moving. "Everything is going to be all right," said to himself as he stepped into the van on his way to Arizona.