8. Working at a Bookstore

Joel had been working at a bookstore for months. Although four months might seem like a time, Joel felt like it had been only month since he was hired. Working at a was a dream job for Joel. He couldn't he got hired on the day of his . Joel felt grateful to be working at where was. He loved to brag all about his to his friends and family.

Joel loved reading on his spare time. His favorite author was Twain. Joel's most beloved book of his was " Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". Working at a bookstore only gave Joel access to books, but allowed to interact with other fellow book worms. Joel would recommend books to customers, and customers would the same for Joel. Every now and then, would come across a classic book and take for himself to read. Joel's manager allowed him book for free once a week. It was to decide which book to take sometimes.

Joel getting paid three hundred dollars every two weeks. he would surpass this amount when he worked . After a couple of months, Joel had saved enough money to finally purchase his first car. a car was the main reason Joel wanted start working. He began shopping online for used .

Joel already knew what kind of car he . He had first seen a picture of it a magazine, and since then, had dreamed of one of his very own. His dream car 1984 BMW. Joel wanted a black one with doors. He would search on the Internet until finally found it. Joel could not believe when discovered a seller with the car.