10. Ghost in the Hall

"Do you believe in ghost?" Alvin asked his Levi one night, as they were lying down bed around eleven at night. "I don't think ," Levi replied. Alvin and Levi shared a room . "Why not?" asked Alvin. "I have never seen ," Levi said. Alvin was twelve years old and was eighteen. "I think I saw one, Levi," told his brother, sounding frightened. "Go to sleep, ," Levi told his brother, as he turned around his bed to face the closet. "There's no thing as ghost," Levi said.

Alvin and Levi lying on separate beds. Levi had fallen asleep an hour ago, but Alvin was still awake. was having a hard time trying to go sleep. A sound was keeping him awake. It like someone was walking out in the hallway, outside his bedroom door. It was completely dark.

was curious to find out who was sauntering in the hallway. Fifteen minutes had passed and creaking hadn't stop. Alvin slowly rose from his . He moved towards his door, taking one step two seconds. When he finally reached his door, put his hand on the doorknob and gradually to turn it. The walking had not ceased.

", what are you doing?" Levi said right before could open the door. "I think there's a in the hallway," Alvin replied. Levi rose to feet and went to the door. "I'll go you." Levi said. The two opened the door and popped their heads out the door to a look. "You see, it was nothing," Levi . Alvin and Levi went back to bed. Levi fell asleep before Alvin. Alvin could not go sleep. There was someone walking in the hallway.