19. The Big Move

Andrea's big day was finally here. She had accepted into the medical school of her dream Boston, and was about to fly there to her new life. She had gotten the news her acceptance two months ago, but had spent that time so busy preparing for the move she hadn't had time to realize how nervous really was. It wasn't until it was time her to get up from the plane seat she realized her legs were shaking, her heart racing, and her forehead was sweating.

"Keep calm!" kept repeating to herself the whole way to new apartment. She had worked so hard to here, and she knew that she had nothing be afraid of. Still, as she looked out her new living-room window, the world outside looked too scary to face. Having grown up on West Coast her whole life, she was not for how everything looked here. The warm, bright that she was so used to seeing out time of year was nowhere to be seen. 's accents seemed completely unfamiliar, and the people even taller than normal.

She decided to stay in safety of her apartment that night and didn't outside until it was time for her class following afternoon. As the professor asked some basic to see what level everyone was at, Andrea's went completely blank. "Oh no!" she thought to . "I'm not even supposed to be here! Everyone so much more than me." Just then, the pointed at her and asked her a question the functions of the spinal cord. As frightened she was, the answer was just blurted out her mouth instinctively. "Impressive!" says the teacher. "You'll just great here." she assured her. As the walked away, one of the pesky giant ants across Andrea's desk. She quickly flicked it off edge, and then smiled confidently.