25. Winter Time

Winter was approaching. Jason was excited for the season. It was his favorite time of a . He loved the cold weather and snow. Jason in New York. During winter it would snow New York. He always played in the snow, as an adult. Jason would gather his family friends at the park, where they had snowball . It was a lot of fun.

His favorite Christmas occurred in winter. This was another reason winter was Jason's favorite season. Every year, he presents for his friends and family. Jason loved the look on their faces when they unwrapped Christmas presents. It was better to give than receive, Jason thought. Jason loved everything about Christmas. enjoyed caroling. He loved singing Christmas music. He kissing his wife under the mistletoe. He loved sweet eggnog. Jason sometimes even dressed up as Claus for fun, and entertained his nephews.

Winter came at the end of a year. New 's Day would come after Christmas. Jason also loved holiday. It was a day to celebrate the year to come, while reflecting on the past . Jason always made New Year's resolutions. Every year made a new resolution. This year he promised go skydiving. Last year, he promised himself to twenty pounds. Jason always kept his New Year's . He lost twenty pounds in three months. This was no exception. He planned to sign up skydiving lessons in January of next year.

Jason not stop thinking about winter. He could not for it to come. It was going to the best winter yet. Jason needed to wait more months because it was barely mid July.