36. A Day in the Park

Michael Hall always loved playing basketball with his Scott. They lived next to a park, and went to play basketball at the park every . Michael was a junior at his college, and was a freshman. They both tried out for college team, but were so nervous during the that they didn't make it. One day, while were playing basketball, Michael noticed that a guy watching them play. When Michael and Scott finished , the guy who was watching them went up Michael.

"You guys have some skills," the guy . Michael finally realized who the man was. It Charles King, a famous basketball player. Charles told that he used to play basketball at that too when he was younger. Charles asked them they played for school, or if they had team with friends. They said they didn't make into their school's team. "I never made it my school's basketball team either," Charles said.

Charles the brothers if they wanted to play a of 2 on 1, they happily said yes. won, of course, but he told the brothers they were really good. Charles then told the that he was starting a basketball camp at old high school, and if they were interested; could join it for free. The brothers had about it, and said that they would love join. "We just have to ask our mother," said. Charles laughed, and said, "Of course, you 't want to get mom mad." The two brothers back home, and they told their mom about had happened at the park. She told them they could join as long as they kept with their homework and their classes. The brothers , and went back to the park to practice.