62. Seeing the Entire United States

One of the first things Gustav wanted to when he got to the United States was see as much of it as he could. would be flying into New York City's John . Kennedy airport. In New York he planned to the Empire State Building and the Statue of . Then he wanted to go to Philadelphia to the Liberty Bell. Then he wanted to go the nation's capital, Washington D.C., where he hoped see the White House, and maybe he would see President. He knew that getting to the east coast cities was pretty easy. He could a train or bus.

Gustav wasn't sure though how he would get to the other parts the United States he wanted to see. For , Gustav really wanted to see the Grand Canyon Arizona. He also really wanted to go to Angeles to see where some of his favorite stars lived.

Once in New York City Gustav the hotel concierge if they could arrange some for him. The concierge was helpful and informed about the different Amtrak trains he could take Philadelphia and Washington D.C. "What about the Grand and Hollywood?" Gustav asked. "What about them?" the asked, looking confused. "What about trips there?" Gustav . The concierge pulled out a map and showed how far Arizona and California are from New . "A train there will take you about a . A plane ride will take about six hours," concierge explained. Gustav was disappointed. He had no that the United States was such a large . He was determined to see as much as could though. He wondered how much it would to rent a camper and drive it across U.S.