77. Diving at the Swimming Pool

Donald Walker always looked forward to summer. As sat down in class, he thought about all things he was going to do during his break. He even made a list. On the of his list was swimming. Donald loved to swimming. Even though he was excited to get break, there was something, or someone he was to miss. Sarah Lee Parker was his classmate, he rarely talked to her. Donald liked Sarah lot. He knew he was going to miss .

The first day of summer had arrived. Donald up around noon. He hated waking up early school, so he wanted to sleep late for first day of summer. As soon as he up, he put on his swimming shorts, got towel, kissed his mom goodbye, and ran to park to go to the pool. As Donald into the pool, his heart began to beat . The water was clear, but cold.

One of 's favorite things to do at the pool was go on the diving board. As Donald stood the edge of the diving board, he started in order to get high enough to do flip. He jumped once, and then twice. When was about to jump off again, he saw Sarah was looking at him from the entrance the pool. Donald got so nervous that he 't finish the flip, and he landed on his . Everyone in the deep end of the pool laughing. Donald felt embarrassed as he swam to edge of the pool, but when he got he saw Sarah waiting for him. "Ouch, that to hurt. You want to go swimming with ?" Sarah asked Donald. Donald said sure nervously, and swimming with Sarah. Donald had never been happier, never been in that much pain.