78. Watching Three Movies at the Theater

Betty Gonzalez likes going to the movies. She to wait until there are multiple movies she to see. She'll usually go early in the in order to see at least two movies. is proud that her record is seeing four in one day. She usually sneaks in snacks eat at the movie theater. Betty doesn't care no one wants to go with her; she'll alone and have fun.

It was Saturday morning. saw that there were three movies she wanted see showing at the theater. Betty got her and made herself two sandwiches, bought a soda, her sweater, and went to the movies. After had seen two of the movies, she bought soda and was going to sneak into the movie. As Betty walked up to the room the movie was showing, she noticed that a was checking for tickets. Betty began to get .

Betty didn't have a ticket, but she really to see this movie. She did not like other two movies; she knew she was going like this one, because her favorite actor was it. The man that was checking for tickets Betty as she tried to pass him. He her for her ticket. Betty didn't know what do. The man was speaking in English, so decided to speak in Spanish.

She told the something in Spanish, and then walked off while was still talking. The man was confused, and didn't know what to do. Betty looked like was mad at the man, so he didn't to do anything else to get her even . He just let her go through. When Betty to her seat, her heart was still beating . She started laughing. She took a sip of and watched the movie in peace.