81. A Problem with Online Dating

I was 10 years old when we first a computer. I didn't know what to do it, so I just played video games on . My brother was six years older than me, he would use the computer to go into rooms. After we had had the computer for a year, I noticed my brother would always in chat rooms. He would always have a message open as well. It took me another to realize that my brother was dating someone .

I always knew my brother's girlfriend as SnowBunny85, he never told us officially that she was girlfriend. I later found out her name was . My brother always tried to be careful not leave any pictures Lily sent him on the of the computer, but sometimes he would. She pretty. I didn't understand why my brother wanted, felt that he needed to keep his relationship .

A few years later, my brother told me he had broken up with a girlfriend he . I asked why, but he didn't want to about it. I found out what really happened day while I was using the computer. My had saved his last conversation with Lily. It like Lily had lied to my brother. They met a couple of times in real life, they seemed to have had a real relationship. only problem was that Lily already had a . My brother was crushed to find out that was married. On that day I realized that online relationship is risky. It's up to you find someone that you can trust and hopefully 't lying to you. I hope my brother realized , too.