84. My first Road Trip

My first road trip was horrible. When I 24 years old, my father lent me his to go from Los Angeles to Chicago. I my dad that my friend George was going me, and he was bringing his girlfriend Nancy. dad liked that George was going, because he a responsible young adult, which made me think my dad doesn't think of me as an . When the day we were scheduled to leave , George's girlfriend didn't arrive at my house until p.m. when we agreed we would meet at p.m.

It wasn't bad. I had been waiting this road trip for a year. I could a little longer. When Nancy arrived, we packed her suitcase and hit the road. I was with both of them, but George was my first. I started getting annoyed with them right . Even though I had my music playing in car, I could still hear them in the kissing and calling each other baby, sweetie, sweetheart, other nauseating cute names. I didn't like it, what was I going to do?

George took the wheel after we left California. He was to Nancy the whole time. When we got the Grand Canyon, Nancy started talking about how always wanted to go see it. That was George said those seven words I hated the , "What my baby wants, my baby gets." He going down a road that led to the Canyon without even asking me. I started to really annoyed, but decided not to say anything. was really late, but they didn't care. It out the road that led to the Grand closed after a certain time. Nancy felt embarrassed, George started apologizing to me. After we got on the highway, I drove all the way Chicago. George knew that I was bugged, so tried to keep me company. He even told to sit in the back, which she did. was a horrible drive. I couldn't believe I to drive all the way back to Los with them.