86. Seeing a Midnight Screening

When a movie is going to premiere, the will usually show the film during a midnight . Anthony Baker and his girlfriend Linda Moore love to see new movies at midnight. A lot people usually show up early to make line. likes going to stand in line and talk different people that are in the line. Anthony Linda about the new movie that was coming . Linda went online to buy the tickets. She to make sure that they would get tickets.

got an email from the theater. It said she could pick up the tickets at the . Anthony took Linda out to eat before they to the theater to wait in line. Anthony excited because the movie they were going to was the sequel to one of Anthony's favorite . When they got to the theater, Anthony and went to the back of the line and talking to the people in the back. They seemed friendly, and some of them actually knew and Linda.

After about an hour of waiting line, the theater started letting people in. Anthony Linda and started jumping up and down. Linda going to the theater with Anthony. He seemed a little kid when he was there. It put a smile on Linda's face. When they inside, Anthony and Linda found their seats. They everyone in the theater started singing a song came out in the first movie, so Anthony up and started clapping and singing along. Linda up at Anthony and thought to herself, "It's whole different experience seeing a midnight screening."