87. Going to the Beach

Some of the most popular places to visit summer are the beaches. Kenneth Green loved going beaches. He lived close to Venice Beach, and walk to the beach in 30 minutes. He smell the ocean whenever he woke up. Kenneth his friends decided to go to the beach first day of the summer. When they got , they found it was filled with tourists and trying to escape the heat.

Even though the was filled with people, Kenneth didn't care. He all the cool places to go. He was with some shop owners. He was also friends the owners of a little Mexican restaurant. He a little booth reserved for him during the so that whenever he got hungry he didn't to wait for a table. The owners were friends of Kenneth and they loved having him . Kenneth didn't like to abuse their relationship, so only went to the restaurant once or twice week, and he always left good tips.

There a lot of activities to do at the . People can go swimming, rent a bike, play , or shop around. Kenneth is always careful when is around volleyball nets and people bicycling. Last , he was walking by the volleyball nets when large man jumped up to hit the ball, ended up hitting Kenneth right in the head. man ran to Kenneth to make sure he okay. He was okay, but a bit dizzy. Kenneth was trying to get his balance back, walked right into the path of a bicycle. crashed into a woman riding a bicycle, and both fell down. It wasn't Kenneth's favorite summer.