88. My Worst Birthday

I had the worst birthday of my life year. It all started when my sister Donna my ex-girlfriend Jennifer. For some reason, Donna and started getting along after we broke up. "How ," I told Jennifer. Donna was always trying to my life hell. I guess that's her job the older sister. She was 20 years old, I turned 17 years old last year.

My had worked very hard to keep the party were going to throw for me a secret. didn't work, because Donna had a big mouth, I was trying to keep up the secret my mother's sake. My dad got home from and told my mom to get the kids that we could all go out for dinner.

showed up at my favorite restaurant, which has private room in the back for parties. Everything downhill as soon as I opened the door. other ex-girlfriend Sarah was there, because she wanted try and fix our relationship. I'll never forget look on Donna's eyes. She looked like she a ghost. Donna grabbed Jennifer and told her go outside. Jennifer and Sarah never got along. might have something to do with me, but 'm not sure.

Jennifer hadn't seen Sarah, because Donna Jennifer outside before she had the chance. I Sarah by the hand, and asked her who invited her. She looked at me confused, because I had invited her through a text message week ago. It was true. I invited her, I never thought she would show up. When finally came into the room, she saw Sarah became very angry. She looked at me and yelling at me. "Why is she here, Jason?" Jennifer. I looked at her equally angry and , "What are you talking about? What are YOU here?" Jennifer started yelling at Sarah, and Sarah yelling at Jennifer. They got so angry that started fighting, which eventually got us kicked out the restaurant. My mother was crushed when she there. Donna got grounded for a month. That one horrible birthday.