90. A new Addition to the Family

I got out of school at 7 p.m. didn't have anything to do, so I started home. I lived an hour away from my , so I got home at around 8 p.m. I opened the door to go inside, I my brother, my mom, and my brother's girlfriend sitting down on the couch. My brother Jeff sitting with his girlfriend Betty. I walked in . I looked at my mom, who had tears her eyes. It was very tense. I turned Jeff. "She's pregnant!" Jeff said.

Jeff and his started laughing and said, "Yes!" I started jumping and down with joy. I always wanted to an uncle. My first reaction was to start , "It wasn't me! It wasn't me!" I started that because my parents always thought I was to be the first one to give them grandchild. They certainly didn't think Jeff was going do it. I gave them each a hug, I wished them luck.

After eight and a months had passed, Betty gave birth to a baby boy. My family and I were as as it could be. They named the baby . Mark was the name of my father, who away a year ago. My brother said that looked like my dad, so he decided to him the name in honor of my dad. all gathered at the hospital and started laughing, . We each took turns carrying the baby. It the happiest moment in our family's history. We wished that my father would have been a of it. Jeff looked at baby Mark. He me that my father's spirit was here. He always be there to look over and take of Mark. I smiled and gave him a .