98. Decorating the Christmas Tree

One of the favorite American holidays is Christmas. holiday has a special meaning to most Americans . It is an official government holiday celebrated on 25. Most Americans get both Christmas Day and Eve off from their jobs so that they spend time with their families. Many people are buying gifts for their loved ones in preparation the big day. Christmas day is the time families open presents that they have given each . The presents are wrapped in beautiful paper, and include a colorful bow and a tag with person's name on it. These presents are placed a tree that is brought into their home decorated with bright ornaments by the entire family.

Michelle was a little girl, she loved helping mom and dad decorate the Christmas tree. It began by going to a Christmas tree lot, vendors sold freshly cut trees to the public. can walk through the lots to pick the that is right for them. Michelle loved going shop for a tree because of the sweet that would come from the trees. "I like one, daddy," Michelle said. "It's perfect," her dad and bought the tree. It was just the size, with full, green branches.

Once the tree brought home, Michelle helped her mother place the in the right spot, and began decorating it. brothers and sister would help, too. This was a great family tradition. They put a string flickering lights around the tree, along with pretty of different kinds. Each family member got to their own special ornament on the tree right they wanted to. The colors blue, red, yellow, red would blink on and off and would brightly, reflecting off the ornaments. As the family and viewed the decorated tree, all were smiling. turned to her father and said, "Thank you, ."