104. A Pre-Paid Cell Phone Plan

Nancy was ready to get a cell phone. had never had one before. She thought that were too expensive. She worried about the cost the phone itself. She worried about the monthly she had to pay. Nancy's credit rating wasn't good because she had a student loan she paying off. Nancy heard that cell phone companies people because they had poor credit. However, she a phone. She wanted people to be able get in touch with her no matter where was; she wanted to have a cell phone case of an emergency, so he decided to to a local cell phone company store and if they would work with her.

The clerk the cell phone store was very helpful. He willing to work with Nancy to find a phone plan that worked with her budget. He Nancy's credit and found out that her credit was not very high. He told Nancy that didn't mean she couldn't have a cell phone. could get a no-contract or pre-paid cell phone. clerk explained to Nancy that her credit would be checked, and she wouldn't have to sign contract that tied her to a specific phone service. With a pre-paid phone, she would pay same amount of money every month. The cost on how many minutes she wanted to be to talk, how much text messaging she planned doing, and if she was going to use phone to access the Internet. A pre-paid phone meant that Nancy would not get a special on a phone though. She would have to full price and no special discounts would apply. had some choices to make.