108. Carol's High School Teacher

Carol is a high school junior at Roosevelt School. She is having a tough time getting grades in her classes. She understands the material, she often does not turn in her homework. does not feel motivated or inspired to do work.

There is one class she is doing in. That class is United States History. Carol turns in her homework for U.S. History class. reason she is doing well in that class because she respects the teacher Mr. Aragon. Carol that Mr. Aragon treats her more like a than a student. She feels the other teachers down on her.

Carol’s mother Maria tells Mr. that Carol is struggling in her other classes a parent-teacher conference. Maria hopes that Mr. Aragon help inspire Carol to do better in her classes. Mr. Aragon is surprised to learn that is not doing well in other classes. “She such a smart young woman,” he tells Maria. . Aragon tells Maria that he will speak to daughter. Maria is grateful and hopes Mr. Aragon’s will help.

Carol feels embarrassed when Mr. Aragon to her about the trouble she is having other classes. However, she understands that he is trying to help. Mr. Aragon and Carol discuss she can do to motivate herself to hand homework for other classes. They create a list strategies to help motivate her to complete her on time. One idea is to create a of assignments. Another idea is to have a encourage Carol to complete and hand in assignments. is called the buddy system. Carol decides to one technique at a time to see which works best for her.