2. Shopping at the Supermarket

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Pulling into the parking lot of the largest supermarket in town, Joe could already see it was going to be a challenge to find parking on this Saturday morning. He decides to first drop off his wife Melissa, so she could get a head start on the shopping they need to do. Meanwhile, he battles to find a free spot amongst the crowd of other waiting cars.

Inside, Joe finally finds Melissa, whose cart already loaded with packages of organic snacks and drinks. He knows Melissa is easily tempted by fancy words that promise health benefits. It makes her feel good to know that she is making healthy decisions. In the past, Joe would try to reason with her, explaining that health is not about consuming specific items, and more about general lifestyle. Today, he decides to simply move on. As the chef in the family, Joe looks forward every week to the process of selecting meats and vegetables, imagining all the ways he can flavor and cook them. Free samples are being offered at the familiar locations. Melissa makes sure to hit up every station. They agree the chicken sausage is their favorite and buy two packs. The buy-one-get-one-free fresh pasta attracts Joe, while the sale on cheesecake draws Melissa.

As they wait in line to check out, Melissa examines their overflowing shopping cart and realizes that they are over budget. She puts back the snacks and drinks that were clearly impulse buys, and happily claims she is learning to be a great shopper! Joe can only smile at the expression on her face. Five months ago when they first got married, he never imagined he would enjoy these Saturday morning grocery trips. Now, he finds in them a peaceful satisfaction, a welcome change from his work all week.

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