5. Bowling Night

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Jennifer loved going out to bowl every Tuesday night. She always liked bowling, but had never joined a bowling league until her friend Paul told her about a new league one day. The two friends enjoyed going to Lucky Lanes on weekends, but had to wait for the league games to finish before they could bowl. It did not bother them since they knew what time the league games were over. Paul talked to the manager of Lucky Lanes one day and discovered that a new league was forming soon. "That's great," said Paul. "I'm going to ask Jennifer if she wants to join, too," added Paul.

When Jennifer heard the news, she wasn't as excited as Paul thought she would be. "What's wrong, Jen?" asked Paul. "I just don't know if I'm good enough to play in a league," answered Jennifer. "Don't you have to be a good bowler to bowl in a league?" Paul thought about it for a while before going back to the manager to ask if the new league was for good bowlers, or anyone could join.

The manager told him that this new league was for beginners, and added that Paul and Jennifer would be some of the best players in the new league. Paul was very excited once again. When he told Jennifer what the manager had said, Jennifer's response was, "Where do I sign up?" This made Paul very happy.

Before long, the two friends were bowling away in their new team and league. The manager was right. Paul and Jennifer were among the best players. They both loved bowling in a league. They got to wear team bowling shirts and hats, and all the refreshments were included in the league fees. Soon they were knocking down pins. At the end of the season, their team won the trophy for coming in the first place!

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