15. Painting a Mural

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Anna woke up late one morning. She was supposed to meet up with a group of friends that morning at 8 o'clock. She woke up at 8:15 instead. Anna rushed to get ready. She quickly showered, put on her clothes. Then, she grabbed her tool box and headed out on her bike.

Anna and her friends were asked to paint two murals for the city's library. One of the murals was to be located on the outside, and the other on the inside. The owner of the library was the one who requested these murals. The reason was because he was a fan of Anna's art, and was planning to remodel the library.

Both murals were going to be painted with a similar theme. They were both going to be paintings aimed to inspire people to read. Anna already had her ideas for both murals planned out. It was going to be colorful. Her friends were going be there to help paint the large areas of the mural.

Once Anna arrived, she noticed her friends waiting outside the library. Anna apologized for being late. She pulled out her ideas to show to her friends. Her friends were impressed and excited to begin painting. They first started by outlining the images of the ideas onto both walls. Next, they mixed their colors and began to paint. Painting the mural was a lot faster to do when you have the help of your friends. They finished both murals within two days.

The new murals attracted the attention of local visitors to the library. The owner of the library was impressed and happy with the new look of his library. He awarded Anna and her friends with recognition and paid them for their labor. Anna was pleased.

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