20. The Dentist Will See You Now

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Making an appointment to see the dentist is usually one of the smartest decisions a person could make for his or her health. However, for Marek, booking his dentist appointment ended up being one of the worst mistakes in his life. This was because of the fact that the dentist Marek chose to visit was his ex-girlfriend whom he had recently broken up with to be with another woman. This silly mistake resulted in Marek walking out of the dentist's office with all the 32 teeth missing.

"I didn't have any reason to doubt her," says Marek. "I mean I thought she was a professional." Quite on the contrary, his ex-girlfriend decided that this was the perfect chance to get her revenge for having been heart-broken. She gave him a heavy dose of anesthesia, pulled out all of his teeth, and bandaged his whole face up with gauze so that her work wouldn't be noticed until the bandages were all pulled off. "The bandages are to protect your gums," she told Marek, who then left the office, still heavily numbed by the effects of the anesthesia.

As the anesthesia wore off on his way home, he could tell something was terribly wrong because he couldn't feel any teeth. One can only imagine the panic he must have felt after uncovering his ex's work under all the gauze. After reporting the event to the police, his ex is now facing the possibility of three years in prison for a doctor's malpractice suit. On the bright side for her, she might be spending those three years behind bars pleased at knowing that her shocking stunt was very effective in terms of getting even with Marek. After seeing that he no longer had any teeth, his new girlfriend broke up with him.

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