38. Water Balloon War

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It was a hot day in Clarksville. The children in the neighborhood were sweating, and wanted to do something refreshing. The pool was closed because they were building something new in it. They thought about what they could do to escape the heat, but they never could agree on doing the same thing. That's when Christopher Baker decided to go to the store. He bought 10 bags of balloons, and went to his house to fill them up with water. He invited his two best friends Joseph and Patrick to help him out. By the time they finished, they had five buckets of water balloons.

They went outside with the buckets, put them in the center of Joseph's lawn, and started throwing them to the children in the neighborhood. At first, the other children were surprised, but then they wanted to get wetter. They all went to the store and bought some balloons for themselves. Christopher and his friends went back into the house to make more balloons. When they get back outside, they got attacked with 10 different water balloons.

Christopher and his friends started laughing when they realized where the other boys were. They decided to hide. Christopher gave the orders to his friends. He told Joseph to hide behind his dad's car; he told Patrick to hide behind his mom's car. They each took four water balloons with them. Christopher told them to wait for his signal, and then they could throw the balloons.

Christopher knew where three of the boys were hiding, so he went running and attacked them with five water balloons. Christopher then ran back to the place where he was hiding, but the boys were coming after him. Christopher yelled out, "Now!" Joseph and Patrick came out of hiding and attacked the boys with their water balloons. The boys went back. Christopher and his friends started laughing.

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