58. Finding Your Own Apartment

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Julie was tired of living with her parents. She was 22, and just finished college. She started a new job in an office, and didn't want her parents to tell her what to do anymore, so Julie decided to start looking for an apartment. She started by looking at classified ads in the newspaper and checking on websites like Craigslist.

The first apartment she went to see sounded perfect on the newspaper. It was advertised as a cozy one-bedroom apartment with a view. She made an appointment to view the apartment. When the landlord opened the door, Julie was sorely disappointed. The cozy bedroom barely fit a twin mattress and a nightstand. The window actually offered a view of a brick wall.

Julie didn't give up hope though. The next apartment she saw was advertised as having a renovated kitchen. Since Julie loved to cook, she imagined herself cooking gourmet meals on shiny new kitchen appliances. However, the broker showing Julie around explained that the only renovations were new knobs on old wooden cabinets. Julie was beginning to lose hope. She then saw a listing for a basement apartment with access to a low maintenance yard. Julie imagined herself hosting barbecues for her friends until she saw that the low maintenance yard was a tiny slab on concrete.

Julie decided to stop looking for apartments that had features she liked. Instead she was going to look for an apartment close to her job. She read a listing for a studio that was close to a freeway. This meant a shorter commute. When she saw the place, she found that the studio actually overlooked the freeway, and traffic could be heard from the bedroom.

Julie was discouraged. She decided not to move out yet.

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