75. Green Hair, Don't Care

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Tina was very involved in her daughter's education. She made sure her daughter did her homework. She also volunteered at her school. She especially liked to help parents who did not speak English. Tina often would translate at parent-teacher conferences and meetings. She also translated some of the papers that the school sent home. Tina was a member of the parent-teacher association. She went to every meeting and open forum. Tina was so active in her daughter's school that she was elected to be vice-president of the parent-teacher association.

The principal of the school did not like Tina though. She felt Tina was too involved. She didn't like how Tina insisted that there be translation at every meeting, and that every paper that went home be in different languages. The principal felt Tina was creating more work for her and her staff. She thought Tina was a troublemaker.

The way Tina looked didn't help her. She had many tattoos, and often dyed her hair in non-traditional colors like pink and green. One evening, after Tina's daughter received an award for her good grades, Tina went up to greet the principal. The principal responded coldly: "Congratulations." The principal then offered some advice to Tina's daughter. "When you grow up, don't become like your mother," the principal told the young girl. The little girl was confused. Tina was furious. How dare the principal speak to her that way? Tina may not have looked like all the other parents, but what she looked like shouldn't matter. Tina's daughter hugged her mother. "I don't care that you have green hair, mommy," she said, "I care that you care about me and my school."

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