89. My Embarrassing Family

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Let me tell you about my family. They are embarrassing to say the least. The first time I brought a boy home to meet my parents, they asked him countless questions that no parent should ask. "When did you lose your virginity? Do you believe in Jesus Christ? How many sexual partners have you had?" Safe to say, that boy I brought home stopped talking to me after he met my parents. I stayed single throughout my time at high school. It was not that I didn't like anyone or that no one liked me. It was that my parents had a rule. They had to approve of whoever I would be dating. Sometimes I thought they had that rule specifically to embarrass me.

I hate that I can't have normal parents. They are weird. They like collecting old books, and watching old movies. They listen to old records on an old record player. They say that it's better than listening to an iPod. I always let them know that at least I can listen to my iPod when I go out. The last day of high school had passed, and I didn't know what I wanted to do. I decided to take a year off and work. My parents didn't like it, but it was my decision to make.

I got a job at a little restaurant called "Baker's Cabin". It was a nice restaurant where people could sit down and have a good steak dinner at a reasonable price. I liked working there. However, what I liked most was the bartender Paul. He had barely turned 21, and was already working behind the bar. We started talking. I think he really likes me, but I don't want things to get awkward when he meets my parents. One day, my friend Susan told Paul that the only way he could date me was to meet my parents. Paul went over that night with some records his dad had given him, and offered them to my parents. They went nuts, and invited him in. They started asking him questions, but not about his sex life or religious beliefs. The questions were all about music. They really liked him, and they were actually acting normal. I think Paul is the guy for me.

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