92. Running a Mile

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My last class of the day was my physical education class. I always hated it. For the past three years, people had found ways to embarrass me. Things weren't so bad at first. A basketball hit me in the head when I was talking to a girl. I was trying to climb the big rope in the gym and fell down in front of everyone, who started laughing. However, the worst thing was yet to happen.

At the end of a year, we always have a test to see how we have improved. We have to run a mile. The whole class does this at the same time. I wasn't the fastest runner, but I knew I could get a good score for this test. For this activity, we have to go into the locker room and change into our uniform. I left my uniform in my locker the other day since it was clean. When I opened my locker, I saw a note saying, "Buy new uniform, loser." Someone had broken into my locker and took my clothes. I told the teacher, who went into his office and gave me an old uniform that had been left behind. "Suit up and I'll see you out there," he said.

I tried tying a rope around the shorts to make them fit, but they wouldn't. The bell rang, and I knew my teacher would be mad if I didn't get out there. I started running, and barely got there before he started calling names. After he finished with the roll call, we started the test. The whole class set off running. I was doing okay at the beginning. After a while, people started passing me. A lot of people laughed at my shorts. Then it happened. One guy pushed me out of his way, and I ended up falling. My shorts fell first, and then I fell to the ground. That was when all the girls started passing me. One of them shouted, "Ew, he doesn't have clean underwear." I picked up my shorts, and walked the rest of the mile. It was the most embarrassing moment in my life.

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