35. What's That Buzz?

“I hear something,” Ben told the doctor. “What you hear?” asked the doctor. Ben heard a . The buzz sounded like a mosquito. It sounded a mosquito was in his ear. “Which ear?” the doctor. “Both ears,” said Ben. “Do you a buzz all the time?” the doctor asked. “, I hear a buzz all the time,” Ben . The doctor looked in Ben’s left ear. The looked in Ben’s right ear. “Are any mosquitoes my ears?” asked Ben. “No,” said the doctor, “ mosquitoes are in your ears.” Ben asked, “So, do I hear a buzz in my ears?” “ have tinnitus,” said the doctor. “Tinnitus? What’s that?” asked. The doctor said tinnitus is a buzzing . “Can you fix it?” Ben asked. “No, I fix it. You have to live with it,” the doctor.