82. Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands. Wash your hands often. Wash hands ten times a day. Clean hands fight . Clean hands look good. Clean hands smell good. you touch has germs. Money has germs. Germs on money for days. Paper money is dirty. money is dirty. Folding money is dirty. Coins dirty. Everyone touches money. Sick people touch money. your hands after you touch money. Door handles dirty. Germs live on door handles for weeks. love door handles. Everyone touches door handles. Sick touch door handles. Wash your hands after you door handles. People are dirty. People have germs. love people. Germs live on people for months. your hands after you touch other people. Wash hands after you hug other people. Wash your after you shake hands with other people. Wash hands, and wash some more. You can’t wash hands too often.