84. A Bus Accident

There was a bus accident. The bus accident near a dam. The bus ran off the . The bus tipped over. Two people died. Eight were hurt. The bus driver was going too . The road is a two-lane road. It is narrow road. It isn’t a wide road. The is not straight. It bends a lot. It a lot. The road looks like a snake. speed limit is 25 mph. The bus was 50 mph. The passengers were afraid. The bus into a guard rail. Then the bus tipped . Passengers yelled. Passengers screamed. Passengers fell down. Passengers on other passengers. Luggage flew through the air. hit people. Luggage hit people in the face. hit people in the head. The windows broke. windshield broke. Glass was everywhere. Bodies were everywhere. was everywhere. The ambulances came. They took people the hospital. The police came. They took the to jail.