85. Life Will Be Better

He was poor. He needed more money. He a good job. He had a job. But wasn’t a good job. It was a bad . He was a waiter. He worked in a . It was a cheap restaurant. The meals were . The customers were cheap. They usually gave him for tips. Sometimes they gave him a dollar. they gave him nothing. That made him angry. did they give him nothing? He was polite. was helpful. Yet they gave him nothing. He to kick those customers. But then he would to jail. He didn’t want to go to . So he went to school. School was free. wanted to be a mechanic. He liked to things. He wanted to fix cars. He wanted own a car shop. He would make money. would hire other mechanics. They would work for . He would buy a house. He would get . He would have a family. Life would be . Right now life was bad. But he would it better.