87. I Want to Swim

“When will you teach me how to swim?” asked. “I am afraid of drowning. I am of deep water. I am afraid of going boats. I am afraid of flying in planes the ocean. I want to learn how to .” “You don’t need to learn how to swim,” husband said. “All you need to learn is to float. Floating is so easy. It’s especially for women, because women have more fat than . Let me give you a quick lesson. To , lie on your back. Look up at the . Spread your arms and legs. Breathe normally. That’s .” “Yes, that sounds easy,” she said. “But I to learn how to swim. Swimming is good . Swimming will help me lose weight. Floating will help me lose weight. If I float for day, I won’t lose any weight at all.” “,” he said. “I will teach you how to this weekend. It will take only a couple hours. By Saturday night you will be able swim like a fish.”