104. People Are Poor

People are standing in long lines all over . The long lines are unemployment lines. Unemployment lines for people who have no jobs. Millions of have no jobs. They used to have jobs. they got laid off. They got laid off of the recession. The recession is in America. recession is in China. The recession is in . The recession is all over the world. What’s recession? A recession is a time when people only a little money. They don’t buy new . If they don’t buy new things, factories stop new things. Factories lay off the workers. In recession, people buy only necessary things, like food. don’t buy new TVs, new cars, or new . They don’t buy new shoes. They take their shoes to the shoe repair shop. They don’t to expensive restaurants. They go to fast-food restaurants. don’t go to the movies. They watch TV. don’t go to Disneyland. They go to city . Everyone hopes the recession will end soon.