112. At the Casino

She went to the casino. A casino is gambling house. People gamble in a casino. They a chance with their money. They hope they win. Sometimes they do. But usually they lose. was her birthday. She took $100 to the . She went to the change booth. She got for her money. She got 400 quarters for $100. The quarters were in paper rolls. Forty were in each roll. She put the rolls a plastic bucket. She carried the bucket over a slot machine. She loved slot machines. She a roll of quarters. She put a quarter the machine. She pulled down on the handle. looked at the screen. Give me three cherries, thought. Or give me three bananas. Or give three apples. Three of anything is a winner. cherries, or one cherry, is a loser. She for several hours. Sometimes she won. She felt when she won. But usually she lost. Finally, lost all her quarters. She went home. She $100, but she had fun. I will play on my next birthday, she thought.