117. A New Law

Ed was riding his bicycle. A dog started him. He yelled at the dog. Then he to kick the dog. He lost his balance. fell off his bike. His head hit the . A neighbor saw him fall. She dialed 911. ambulance arrived. It took Ed to the emergency . But it was too late. The doctors could save him. Ed died. Ed was the son the governor of Texas. The governor and his were very sad. The governor didn’t want other to die. He didn’t want other parents to . He didn’t want them to lose their children. talked to the state lawmakers. He asked them pass a new law to protect children. The agreed. They were parents, too. They passed a law to protect children. The governor signed the law. The new law was a helmet law. had to wear a helmet when they rode bike, or a sled, or a horse. They to wear a helmet when they snowboarded or . “Texas is now a safe state for children,” the governor. “Maybe we’re safe,” said one boy, “ we’re not happy. Helmets suck.”