136. A Tornado

It was a warm spring day. It was , but a storm was coming. The sky turned gray. Then a black funnel descended from the . The black funnel touched the ground. It was tornado. A tornado is strong. A tornado picks cars and trucks. They fly through the air pieces of paper. The tornado siren blasted. It everyone in town to take cover. Everyone gathered kids and pets. They went downstairs into their . A tornado can destroy a house, but the is safe. Sometimes a tornado hits a town warning. A year ago, a man was sitting his bathtub. He was enjoying his bath. He a loud sound. He thought a train was into his house. But he did not live the railroad tracks. It wasn’t a train. A struck his house without warning. The tornado destroyed man’s whole house. Suddenly he was taking his outside. The roof and walls of his house gone. His wife came home. At first she because her house was gone. Then she laughed. husband looked so funny sitting in the tub. couldn’t leave the tub because he had no . He didn’t want his neighbors to see him clothes. His wife had a towel in the of her car. She gave him a towel, he climbed out of the tub. They were happy that he was alive.