179. Smoking Causes Tooth Decay

New York City’s mayor is against smoking. Stores sell cigarettes must display big anti-smoking ads. One shows a decayed tooth. The ad says, “Smoking Tooth Decay. Quit Smoking Today. Call 311 or -866-NYQUITS.” Store owners are upset. They say the ads their free speech. Their free speech allows them display only the ads they want to display. don’t want to display anti-smoking ads. The ads their cigarette sales. The ads hurt their business. officials said consumers must know the facts. They know that smoking is dangerous. The store owners suing the city. But one store owner said, “ ads don’t bother me. Everyone knows that smoking dangerous. Is there a person in this country doesn’t know that? Smokers don’t look at those . Smokers don’t care about their health. All they about is their next cigarette.”