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1. You can win the SuperLotto if you pick all the right ___s.
3. I ___ the clerk a dollar and he ___ me a lotto quick-pick ticket.
4. A ___y person has a lot more good ___ than bad ___.
5. You can play the ___ to win millions in most states. (___ games are twice a week!)
9. She bought a lotto ticket at the ___ store a block from her home. (She also bought a pint of whisky.)
10. I wish I ___ a millionaire. Maybe I should play the lotto.
11. The ___ took my money and gave me a couple of lotto tickets.
12. In New York City, you can buy lotto tickets at many newspaper ___s.
13. If you win big money, you have to fill out the ___ on the back of the lotto ticket and sign it.
17. The numbers ___ on my lotto ticket are my birthday and my wife's birthday.
19. After you touch money (it's all dirty), wash your hands for a long time. (Sing 'Happy ___' to yourself while washing your hands.)
21. Liquor ___s and newspaper stands sell lotto tickets in NYC.


2. If you pick your own six numbers, the clerk will put your lotto form into a ___ which will print you a lotto ticket.
3. ___ luck! ___ morning. ___ afternoon. ___ evening. ___ night. ___bye.
6. You can't win the lotto unless you buy a ___.
7. A lotto ticket costs only a ___. If you play every game in a year, it will cost only 104 ___s.
8. On the form, ___ the space next to your favorite lotto numbers with a ballpoint pen.
10. Your chances of ___ning are very small, but someone's got to ___, so you might as well play the lotto.
12. SuperLotto, MegaMillions, and Powerball are the three richest and most popular lotto games in most states.
14. On August 19, 2009, a retired man from South Carolina won 260 ___ dollars playing Powerball. (What a lucky man!)
15. She put her money on the ___ next to the register.
16. She ___bed a lotto form and marked her lucky numbers on the form.
18. I play my lucky numbers. You play your lucky numbers. He plays ___ lucky numbers. She plays her lucky numbers.
20. He's broke, but he wants to play the lotto. Give ___ a dollar or two.